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Day May 9, 2023

Showstopper Janhvi Kapoor steals the show

Janhvi Kapoor wearing Diffuse 2.0 by Manish Malhotra In Diffuse 2.0 collection By Manish Malhotra New Delhi (India), May 09: Showstopper Janhvi Kapoor steals the show in Manish Malhotra’s custom-fitted draped sleek black gown with a neon trench coat, radiating elegance…

AEMA offers job security to its successful students

Capt Vinay Singh, Hong-Kong based and Group Managing Director Marine HR, Anglo-Eastern Group – world’s leading shipping conglomerate Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], May 9: Indian maritime stalwarts believe that the key roadblock in increasing the global share of Indian seafarers going…