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Day February 3, 2023

Medical examination date of NEET PG should be shifted

Gaurav Tyagi New Delhi (India), february 3: As the date of the medical internship got postponed to 30th June, the students are demanding the postponement of the NEET PG exam, as they didn’t participate in the medical counselling process which…

Introducing Learning Spiral Product: UCanManage

Manish Mohta New Delhi (India), February 3: A unique source for Universities to root with students, where they successfully and efficiently handle every aspect of their operations, including student enrollment, admissions, payments, verification, communication, pre-examination preparation, and post-examination activities, thanks…

Atharva Hotels & Resorts Inks Management Contract for 5215 Keys

Atharva Hotels & Resorts Inks Management  New Delhi (India), February 3: Atharva Hotel Superfluities India Private Limited marked as Atharva Hotels & Resorts group has embarked on an ambitious plan to put into operation more than 5,000 hotel rooms under their management (operational and…