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Golden Age Transformation celebrates the silver jubilee of transforming lives

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], January 25: The Golden Age Transformation, a life coaching venture started by Gurugram-based Dr. Ramon Llamba is celebrating the silver jubilee of inspiring lives and transforming souls through its unique transformational programmes in India.

Golden Age Transformation is an initiative that has touched the lives of scores of people. During its 25 glorious years, Dr.Llamba has helped numerous individuals find the work-life balance they had been seeking within themselves.

From training individuals at the personal level to the advanced techniques at the professional level, Dr. Ramon Llamba’s Golden Age Transformation and her strenuous efforts to build a better life for her clients has been a remarkable journey. Whether it is training a CEO in the area of emotion management or corporates from senior management, her organization has the expertise in making a meaningful difference through unique transformation.”

Dr. Ramon Llamba, a Ph.D. in Quantum physics and director of Golden Age Transformation said, ‘Our core competence lies in finding ways to address life problems, including severe cases of depression, bipolar disorder, and depression. We guide people through achieving a specific personal and professional goal most positively and realistically, through special techniques including Life Coaching, Reiki healing, Business coaching, NLP training, Past Life Regression, Money Management, Emotional Freedom practices and even the convenience of online therapy.”

Some of the most recent successful events hosted by Golden Age Transformation include “I Am An Infinite Soul Retreat”, “One Year Certified Program”, and “Recreate Your Life Workshop” amongst others.

Director, Dr. Ramon Llamba has also been recognized by various credible awards and recognition by numerous organizations for her hard work, determination, persistence, and her enviable experience. Her practical and proven ways of creating effective, balanced, and lasting results, transforming lives, both personally and professionally, have won her lots of gratitude and genuine appreciation.

She was awarded the “AADI ABADI Women’s Award 2012” in the area of Transformation of lives. She has been featured in a Coffee Book Table among the most powerful women in Delhi. She has also been awarded the “Women Beyond Boundaries” award by the Ph.D. Chamber Of Commerce.

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