Bjack Collections team Completes Its First Anniversary — Bharath Jack Excited 

New Delhi (India), February 23: B-JACK Collections team completes its first anniversary and announces its partnership with BudgetBuy a co-venture sister company with Future Projects of Bharath Jack. Well-known south Indian finger dancer and independent artist Bharath Jack announced the first anniversary of his startup online shopping/e-commerce businesses in Bengaluru, […]

VASH, being the most awaited film is releasing on 10th Feb, 2023, On public demand. VASH knowing door of cinema hall early that is predictable thrill for cinema goers of Gujarati film

New Delhi (India), February 7: Believe it or not but the world is a part of 2 different energies, good and evilWhat happens when they collide?Good & evil in as personality of an individual & storyline of Vash.Kunal Soni renowned choreographer, industry insider of entertainment very good DJ versatile enterprise […]