Focally unveils the world’s first Full-colour Micro-led based true AR glasses with fully see-through display and USound MEMS speakers’ technology

Focally’s Universe AR glasses featuring state-of-the-art USound audio technology, optical display system and hardware that enables spatial computing. New Delhi [India], September 27: USound, the leading provider of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) loudspeakers for hearables and wearables, announces the cooperation with the Indian company Focally on the first generation of their […]

Jogani Reinforcement adds new Plaster Mesh to its vast range of industrial reinforced products

The Indian government gives utmost priority to the country’s building and infrastructure and is investing a lot of money in its development. But, without durability, investment in infrastructure development is meaningless. A top provider of reinforcement and crack control material, Jogani Reinforcement, understands this well and hence introduced an innovative […]

Apparel Group brand opens the GCC’s first fashion and lifestyle phygital store in Dubai

India, September 2022: The GCC’s leading fashion e-commerce destination, has opened the GCC region’s first-ever phygital store dedicated to fashion; an innovative tech-led space where online shopping converges with a physical store. Located in Dubai Hills Mall, the store is the future of retail, offering customers an integrated omnichannel […]

‘Starshine by Arham Technologies’; A Brand Bringing Innovation Directly to Home!

September 27: In the age of electronics and Information Technology, Arham Technologies, based in New Raipur, Chhattisgarh, is a renowned television manufacturing company with a modernized as well as an innovative approach in India. Especially in the trending phase of Smart TVs and evolutionary technologies making inroads across India, Arham Technologies, […]