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Renowned Speed Records’ Owner Mr. Ruby and Angadpreet Singh Add Star Power to DJ Hardik’s Birthday Bash in Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 11: The glamorous circles of Mumbai played host to yet another star-studded event as music maestro DJ Hardik celebrated his birthday in style, drawing a crowd of celebrities and prominent personalities from the music industry.

The bash saw a confluence of glittering stars in attendance, with the most notable guests being none other than Mr. Ruby, the esteemed owner of Speed Records, the world’s largest Punjabi music label, who made a special journey from Canada, accompanied by Angadpreet Singh, to join DJ Hardik in the revelries.

Renowned for merging infectious rhythms with captivating voices that exude the essence of Punjabi culture, Speed Records stands as the leading destination for soulful Punjabi music, boasting a diverse array of top artists and an extensive library of chart-topping hits.

The occasion bore witness to a palpable sense of pride and respect, with DJ Hardik proudly marking the exclusive and groundbreaking partnership as the first Indian DJ to be signed by Angadpreet Singh under the esteemed banner of Speed Records, a monumental step in his journey towards progressive success.

Expressing his heartfelt sentiment, Mr. Ruby reaffirmed the bond he shares with DJ Hardik, emphasizing the significance of his presence at the birthday celebration as a gesture of familial warmth and support for the budding music sensation.

In a thrilling continuation of the evening’s festivities, the audience received the exhilarating news of Speed Records and Angadpreet Singh’s forthcoming collaborative projects with DJ Hardik in the year 2024, promising an era of musical innovation and excitement for music enthusiasts. The revelation further amplified the anticipation surrounding the momentous collaborations set to unfold in the coming year.

Amidst the star-studded ensemble, the presence of famed Bollywood luminary Bobby Deol, known for his role in the blockbuster movie “ANIMAL”, along with Simran Singh Chadda, added an extra layer of glitz and glamour to the already electrifying event, elevating the evening to an unforgettable celebration.

As the echoes of the celebratory revelry subside, the music industry eagerly waits to witness the harmonious union of talents as DJ Hardik embarks on a new chapter, poised to carve out a distinctive imprint in the realms of music and entertainment.

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