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Breakthrough Neurosurgical Procedure Successfully Restores Consciousness In 55-Year-Old Patient From Ambala

Healing Hospital and Institute of Paramedical Sciences, a leading healthcare institution in Chandigarh recently performed the successful treatment of a patient suffering from acute headache, double vision, and vomiting through a groundbreaking neurosurgical procedure.

The patient, Gurcharan Singh, a 55-year-old resident of Ambala, presented with severe symptoms, including acute headache, double vision, and vomiting which further progressed to decreased sensorium and unconsciousness by the time the patient reached the Emergency Department. While in emergency, NCCT head was conducted which indicated an acute subdural hematoma (SDH) in the right side with midline shift, a condition characterized by the accumulation of blood between the brain and its outermost covering. The medical team, led by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ajay Singh, swiftly assessed the case and determined the need for an urgent intervention within 2-3 hours of admission.

Under the expert care of Dr. Ajay Singh, a renowned neurosurgeon at Healing Hospital, the patient underwent a right frontotemporoparietal (FTP) decompression craniectomy. This surgical procedure involved the removal of a portion of the skull to relieve the pressure caused by the hematoma. Additionally, suction evacuation was performed to meticulously clear the accumulated blood and ensure optimal recovery. This intricate procedure aimed to relieve the pressure on the brain caused by the accumulation of blood between the layers of the brain’s covering.

The surgery, which lasted for about two hours, was executed with precision and expertise, showcasing the advanced capabilities of the neurosurgical team at Healing Hospital. The patient responded well to the treatment, and post-operative assessments have revealed a remarkable improvement in symptoms.

Dr. Ajay Singh commented, “We are pleased with the positive outcome of the surgery. The timely intervention and the collaborative efforts of our multidisciplinary team have significantly improved the patient’s quality of life. The successful decompression and evacuation of the subdural hematoma have alleviated the acute symptoms, and we are optimistic about the patient’s continued recovery.”

The family of Gurcharan Singh expressed gratitude for the exceptional care provided by the medical team at Healing Hospital. They are appreciative of the swift diagnosis, the state-of-the-art surgical intervention, and the compassionate post-operative care, which led to the gradual discharge of the patient wherein he went back to walking.

This inspiring success story serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals grappling with neurological issues. Healing Hospital remains committed to providing compassionate care, cutting-edge medical procedures, and advancing patient care in neurosurgery ensuring that they can regain their quality of life. The institution remains dedicated to providing the highest standard of healthcare and ensuring positive outcomes for patients facing complex neurological challenges.

The management and staff at Healing Hospital extend their best wishes to Mr. Gurcharan Singh for a speedy and full recovery. We are honored to have played a role in this remarkable transformation. This case serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services and our dedication to improving the lives of patients from all corners of the country. 

Healing Hospital goes beyond the surgery room, offering specialized rehabilitation for brain & spinal injuries through its dedicated physiotherapy & rehabilitation department. The hospital understands that recovery extends beyond the operating table, and it stands committed to supporting patients on their journey toward mobility and wellness.

Furthermore, Healing Hospital is at the forefront of patient education. With a leading YouTube channel garnering more than 8 million views, the hospital educates patients about spine health, injury prevention, and early intervention. Patients share their experiences regarding spine procedures, empowering others with knowledge and hope. 

The hospital is also empaneled with all the major insurance providers, ensuring that patients have access to necessary financial support. Additionally, Healing Hospital extends the facility of EMI at 0% interest, further exemplifying its commitment to accessible healthcare. 

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