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Search Wellness: Healing through Ayurveda

New Delhi (India), December 6: Distinguishing itself in a saturated wellness products market, Search Wellness adopts a balanced approach rooted in the Ayurvedic principles of Aahar, Vihar, and Chikitsa. The company promotes conscious, healthy living by advocating the significance of yoga, seasonal eating, and minimizing reliance on medication. 

Founder’s Desk:

Navigating the startup’s early days, Founder Mr.Pratik Goel discusses the challenges, from formulating potent ingredients to gaining market trust and necessary registrations. With a commitment to quality and obtaining essential licenses, such as FSSAI and WHO: GMP, Search Wellness establishes credibility in mainstream marketplaces.

In response to the increasing demand for natural and herbal products, Mr. Pratik Goel explains the company’s adaptive strategies, emphasizing customer education, personalized approaches, and leveraging digital platforms. Technology is pivotal in Search Wellness’s growth, from direct customer engagement through WhatsApp and Instagram to advanced logistics ensuring prompt deliveries.

The Philosophy :

Addressing sustainability concerns, Search Wellness incorporates eco-friendly practices in production and packaging, minimizing environmental impact and efficiently utilizing herbal ingredient waste.

Mr.Pratik Goel shares success stories, highlighting the positive impact of Search Wellness products on individuals’ health, including significant reductions in HbA1c levels and positive outcomes in stress and sleep management.

Providing advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, he emphasizes prioritizing quality, learning digital marketing, and ensuring a strategic digital presence for long-term success.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, Search Wellness plans to launch products for lung, liver, and kidney health, emphasizing holistic well-being. The company aims to enhance consumer education through its website and foster conscious, healthy living through curated rituals and sustainable habits.

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