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New employment app taps into surging jobs market for youth, migrants and older workers

A promising new job-search app is making its mark in the ever-growing job market for young people, international students, and experienced workers. This innovative digital platform is specifically designed to connect with Gen Z, students, and older job seekers, and it has just been introduced in India. Its primary aim is to bolster employment opportunities for individuals in both – the younger and more seasoned workforce, catering to a wide range of skills and backgrounds. 

The brains behind the ApplyKart app is Melbourne’s tech-savvy entrepreneur, Bharati Babbar. With just a quick download, this innovative technology is designed to connect job seekers with potential employers in as little as 48 hours, offering a comprehensive hiring solution for businesses.

“Younger and older people and students from India often struggle most to find work due to language barriers and confusing application processes, limited professional networks, and due to difficulty in showcasing their skills,’ said Ms Babbar. 

“ApplyKart helps them every step of the way. For example, instead of students creating resumes from scratch, AppyKart asks them to answer simple questions based on their individual skill set and qualifications, which creates a condensed visual visiting card to act like their resume,” she said. “ApplyKart is a social networking platform where you can find an array of non-mainstream employment roles. Some of the best jobs found by our clients are found on platforms like Facebook. That is because 70% of jobs are found from word of mouth and on social networks, and people are reluctant to pay hundreds or thousands of rupees to advertise for casual or part time work,” said Ms Babbar. 

ApplyKart was born after its founder Bharati Babbar, saw the gap in the market for those wanting work from India with more flexible work arrangements than those currently offered on existing platforms. “Not everyone is a white collared worker, looking for full time work,” said Ms Babbar. After Covid, everyone is looking for flexibility and wanting to do jobs they are more passionate about. 

With tens of thousands of international students from India wanting to make their mark in international markets, older workers seeking part-time employment, and younger workers constantly hitting the job market for the first time, ApplyKart seeks to be a valuable tool for those who face more entry barriers. 

“ApplyKart has been created to specifically help this growing cohort of jobseekers, who are often finding themselves thrust into the Indian employment market for the first time, or after a long time out of work. They often just need a helping hand to get them started. That is what the ApplyKart Network offers, to help boost their work prospects,” she said. 

“I have found that while these groups are willing to work hard, they want to do it in a smarter way, with more around the clock work, work from home options, or freelance work. We are particularly keen to find more jobs, to better suit different cultures and generations.” 

Bharati Babbar, is a first-generation migrant from India with impressive credentials, including 10 years in the corporate sector, a former Marketing Manager for the entire western region of Citibank in India, a serial entrepreneur who runs an organization to helps students clear tests of English for international education and visa, and is among alumni for SBE Australia – the peak body that supports female entrepreneurs who are transforming industries. 

Yet, even for Bharati, it took her almost 6 months to find a job when she arrived in Australia seven years ago. 

“I was making very basic mistakes, like doing my CV all wrong for the Australian market, plus I had no network in Australia to guide me. That experience motivated me to create ApplyKart, so I could help others in India and other Asian markets in a similar position when they travel abroad for work. ApplyKart is like Facebook but for jobs,” said Ms Babbar. 

At the moment, posting is completely free, and you can make many valuable contacts on the professional networking platform and showcase your portfolio, whether you are looking for jobs or not. 

ApplyKart helps to upskill candidates looking for work to make them more ‘hire-able’, and in jobs that are a good fit for them. From the creation of the CV and the cover letter, offering an extensive database of suitable jobs to browse through, right through to connecting candidates with the right employers. 

The digital platform is a one-stop-shop for businesses in India struggling to find workers in areas of skills shortages and unskilled labour jobs, and also for first time job seekers who struggle to find jobs. 

“It’s so great for businesses too, because it helps them simplify the process of finding the right employees … from talent pool, shortlisting, interview-to-hiring – all on your fingertips, with just a few clicks,” said Ms Babbar. 

Businesses like Astra consulting, an accountancy firm in Australia was looking to hire freelancers for doing some daily admin work from India, have been quick to embrace this cutting-edge tech app and are already experiencing its advantages. According to Ashish Patel, the owner of the business, he eagerly embraced this innovation as a way to breathe new life into his growing enterprise, which has significantly surged after the pandemic and the rising demand of labor across Australia. 

“It had been an ongoing struggle to recruit dynamic and available staff who want to work, and for many years we grappled with a staffing crisis that was suffocating the lifeblood out of our business. It seemed impossible to hire someone from the Indian market!,” said Ashish Patel. 

“Applykart offered us a new way to recruit and has been a real savior. We have been able to recruit a couple of fantastic workers straight away from India for our office in Australia, thanks to the platform’s ingenious matchmaking. In a world where numerous apps and websites have failed to deliver, ApplyKart shone brightly as a testament to the power of niche-specific solutions,” he said. 

24 year old Ashlesh Kumar is one of the successful candidates, who got the job after joining the ApplyKart social network in July 2023. He said the platform helped him by getting his breakthrough to start his journey in the car wash industry. 

“I was trying my best to get any kind of job for around four months, but didn’t have any success. I found most of the platforms in the market are for white-collared professionals, with very few, if any jobs advertised at all, for car wash services, or for a hair salon business, and retail stores etc,” he said. 

“ApplyKart is different because it has so many listings for a more diverse range of workers, such as in the blue-collared sector, and it really helped me finally secure a well-paying job. I am very grateful,” he said.” 

ApplyKart’s success isn’t limited to just individuals seeking employment; it has also become a valuable resource for businesses across various industries. For example, Pandav Hotels, a well-known hotel chain, has utilized ApplyKart’s innovative platform to streamline their hiring process and connect with a diverse pool of skilled candidates. This collaboration has not only improved their workforce but also enhanced the overall guest experience. 

Numerous other businesses, both large and small, have found ApplyKart to be a game-changer in their recruitment efforts. Whether it’s a local car wash business or a bustling Indian restaurant, ApplyKart’s matchmaking capabilities have enabled them to find the right staff quickly and efficiently. These success stories underscore ApplyKart’s commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between employers and job seekers. 

ApplyKart is already making a big impact in the Indian employment market. Key milestones include: 

● More than 3000 active users since its launch in October 2023.

● More than 5000 job postings to view on the app/website

● More than 6000 ApplyKart followers across an array of social media platforms including a robust group of around 3000 members on Telegram Messenger – a platform that has already helped hundreds of job seekers find jobs and businesses to find employees.

Bharati Babbar says one of her proudest achievements to date, has been landing one of India’s top delivery services, as a job-posting client. 

Bharati is also thrilled that ApplyKart has been picked up and utilised by many prominent Indian restaurants like Mukka, Ziyka, and Roti Bar, to hire staff, as well as assisting an increasing number of companies in the education sector, like the Universal Learning Group. 

“Competition from investors is always challenging, especially amid a tough economic climate, but we know the best products and services are usually the ones that are born in the most difficult of times and are also the ones to go the longest distance. After all, it’s a marathon not a sprint,” said Bharati Babbar 

Forging into 2024 and beyond, ApplyKart has big plans for the small start-up companies in India. The ultimate goal is to enable hiring from anywhere in the world within two hours, and to have around 3 billion users for the product within the next 10 years. 

“Our main focus is Indian students and migrants across the globe. By 2050 the expected migrant population will reach 1 billion and the student population in countries like India has huge demand. India has now crossed one billion in population size and surpassed China. We aim to capitalize on that market,” said Ms Babbar. 

Early responses have shown a lot of user love, and the challenge is to keep up with the demand, with many more job posters joining the platform, than businesses posting. Yet Ms Babbar says the success rate is still almost 90% for finding the right employee. 

ApplyKart’s success rate to date is a testament to its grand vision, in a world where the job market is not just for the privileged few, but for the untapped potential – in every sector, for every candidate, and for every business and job. 

As Bharati ends by saying “Starting ApplyKart was a journey of turning challenges into opportunities, and it’s a testament to the power of persistence and innovation”. In the words of Walt Disney, ‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.’ ApplyKart is the embodiment of this courage, helping countless individuals and businesses alike achieve their dreams and goals in the ever-evolving job market. 

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