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Introducing ZoopSign: A Solution to Secure & Legally Binding Contracts

ZoopSign: Elevating your contracts, making your legal solutions simplified

New Delhi (India), December 6: The global rise of imitation pictures and videos has captured public attention, but it is important not to overlook the longstanding issue of fraud involving documents. In a country with a population of over a billion people, 100 billion documents, and over a trillion digital footprints, every individual is at risk of falling victim to fraud.

But what is the solution to this widespread problem? Should we cease trading documents and contracts digitally? Absolutely not. There is no need to bring chaos to the existing document workflows. Introducing ZoopSign – a platform that offers legally binding contract management solutions, including Aadhaar eSign and many more.

Aadhaar, the unique identification system in India, has gained widespread adoption. Recent reports by UIDAI1 indicate that approximately 93.07% of the Indian population, which sums up to around 1,277,886,750 people, hold Aadhaar cards. Leveraging this legally verified tool enhances the security and efficiency of the document signing process.

When we talk about the security of contracts, the importance of digital signatures (eSign) becomes apparent. Unlike traditional paper documents, digitally signed documents cannot be altered, hacked, or tampered with. ZoopSign ensures that documents remain encrypted and legally binding, providing a secure solution to protect sensitive information.

But what does security truly mean when it comes to contracts? 

It means that documents are safe from unauthorised access, ensuring that only the intended recipients can view and modify them. It means that signatures are secure and cannot be forged or tampered with. It means that contracts are legally binding and hold the same weight as physically signed documents. ZoopSign delivers all these security features and more. Whether there’s a need to sign contracts, agreements, or other legal documents, anyone can rely on this contract management platform.

“As India goes digital, businesses looking to digitise documents face two choices: expensive CLM solutions or global eSignature platforms. We think it’s time for an Indian solution with customised pricing, end-to-end contract management, Aadhaar eSign, and guidance for setting digital processes. Zoopsign aims to help every business digitize documents, no matter how big or complex” said Harsh Surana, Founder, ZoopSign. 

ZoopSign’s Freemium plan offers a comprehensive set of features required for contract management. By using this platform, freelancers, small organizations, and large enterprises can simplify their document workflows, ensuring increased efficiency and security. 

In India, eSignatures are governed by the IT Reform Act2. These regulations guarantee the legal validity of electronically signed documents, making them equivalent to physically signed ones. ZoopSign adheres to these regulations, providing a secure and legally binding platform for document signing requirements.

Here are some use cases to understand how ZoopSign can benefit various individuals and organisations. Freelancers can expedite their contract signing process, leading to faster turnaround times and increased productivity. Small businesses can eliminate the need for physical paperwork, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Large organisations can securely manage their extensive document workflows, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

One of the key advantages of ZoopSign is its competitive pricing. Compared to other eSigning platforms available in the market, ZoopSign offers an affordable alternative without compromising security and reliability. With ZoopSign, users can enjoy cost-effective document signing solutions tailored to specific needs.

The launch of ZoopSign’s secure and legally binding eSign platform represents a significant step in combating document fraud in India. By leveraging Aadhaar eSign and adhering to the IT Reform Act, ZoopSign ensures that document workflows are secure, efficient, and legally binding. 

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