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Vaaku UPS Revolutionizes Smart Home UPS Solutions with the Launch of Smart i-Smart Series at Bangalore Tech Summit

Conventional UPS

VAAKU UPS, a Subsidiary of M/S Vaakulab Technologies Pvt Ltd, proudly announces the debut of its innovative i-Smart Home UPS Solutions at the Bangalore Tech Summit  Nov-23 (Stall Number:- N-58). The new product line showcases cutting-edge technology designed to elevate the home power backup experience.

Key Features of Vaaku i-Smart Home UPS Solutions:

  • Models and Power Capacities:
  • V-Smart900: 750W
  • V-Smart1050: 850W
  • V-ismart900: 750W
  • V-ismart1050: 850W

Charging Efficiency:

  • Vaaku UPS:- Fast charging: Reaches 100% capacity, with 50% charge in just 30 minutes.
  • Conventional UPS:- Slow charging: Achieves 70% capacity (Suitable for Conventional Batteries: Lead Acid, Tubular, and Gel).


  • Vaaku UPS: 21 kg
  • Conventional UPS: 60 to 80 kg

Space Requirement:

  • Vaaku UPS: Compact design, requires minimal space.
  • Conventional UPS: Demands more space.


  • Vaaku UPS: Low to no maintenance required.
  • Conventional UPS: High maintenance, necessitating water top-up every three months.

Battery Life:

  • Vaaku UPS: 1500-2000 life cycles, 10-year lifespan.
  • Conventional UPS: 500-1000 life cycles, 3 years.


  • Vaaku UPS: Emission-free, suitable for most appliances, equipped with advanced electronics.
  • Conventional UPS: Releases gases and not suitable for Home & food industries.


  • Vaaku UPS: No ventilation required.
  • Conventional UPS: Requires proper ventilation due to significant heat production.


  • Vaaku UPS: Easy plug-and-play installation.
  • Conventional UPS: Requires technician support and supervision.


Sri Adi iikshvaaku Energy Pvt Ltd (SAIEPL):

SAIEPL is the subsidiary of M/S Vaakulab Technologies Pvt Ltd, a prominent power electronics company specializing in the design and development of electronics for lithium batteries used in EV, robotics, drones, solar, and energy storage. With a robust five-year track record, Vaaku UPS is a testament to the “MAKE IN INDIA and MAKE FOR THE WORLD” initiative, aiming to design and develop world-class, technologically superior products for both the Indian and global markets.

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