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Bhanot Hiralal is appointed as Assistant Grand Master of Nishkin Monks Kung-Fu Universe Institute, India

Bhanot Hiralal ‘s initial training in Kung-Fu was started at the age of seven years and completed under his teachers Srinivas Lakawat and Sai Master. Later, under the supervision of Universal Grand Master Galla Prakash Rao, he learnt ancient Indian arts of which 18 types of martial arts, no one has learned so far in India in the past 30 years. 

Hiralal Banoth, having mastered Tai Chi, Kung-Fu, etc., was able to cure millions of people all over the country and made them completely healthy. He cancelled many operations in two Telugu states using medical Tai Chi and life education and in turn granted rebirth to many people. Starting from the city of Hyderabad, under his supervision the doctors in many hospitals learnt life education and by following it they made the patients completely healthy without using any kind of medicines.

Acknowledging his services for the last three decades, in reviving the vitality inherent in the bodies and making people full healthy, the founder of Nishkin Monks Kung-Fu Universe Institute, India and Universal Grand Master Galla Prakash Rao trained him as an expert in 18 disciplines such as Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, Tang, Kon-Kong, Ultimate Healing, Dynamic Dhyanas, Brahma Vidya, etc. He also appointed Bhanot Hiralal as Assistant Grand Master in his organisation.

Hiralal Banoth is a well-known person in politicial circles, movie celebrities and among the people of all sections. So, anyone with urgent medical problems, especially those with spondylitis, brain stroke, heart attack, paralysis organs, piles can immediately consult Heralal Bhanot and get a healthy and complete life. Everyone from the age of 7 years to 100 years is eligible to learn the ancient healing courses from him. By studying and practicing these courses, our life expectancy will increase up to 125 years.

These studies are highly useful to lead a perfect healthy life without using any kind of medicines. So let us all be perfectly healthy. Let’s build healthy India. If anyone has severe health problems, then they can call Heralal Bhanot immediately on this  cell number 9640405022.

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