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IKONNECT Launches E-Series Interactive Flat Panels, Revolutionizing Teaching and Learning

New Delhi (India), December 2: IKONNECT, a leader in educational technology solutions, announces the release of its award-winning E-Series Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) in 65, 75, and 86-inch sizes, featuring cutting-edge 4K resolution. This innovative product leverages infrared ray touch technology, providing a natural writing experience and transforming traditional teaching methods into an interactive and engaging digital platform.

Key Features of IKONNECT E-Series IFP:

– Interactive Learning Experience: The E-Series IFP offers a natural writing experience with 20 points touch and 10 points writing, facilitating an immersive and interactive learning environment.

– Efficiency Boost: Instant whiteboard and lesson delivery software enhance class and conference efficiency, making teaching and learning highly productive.

– Economical Solution: Designed for both education and corporate users, the E-Series IFP is a cost-effective solution equipped with optional PC and Wi-Fi modules.

– Advanced Annotation Tools: Annotation tools at all channels and multiple tools for effective classes provide versatility in teaching approaches.

– Eye-Protective Design: The anti-glare glass ensures a comfortable view for students, promoting clear vision with a wide viewing angle of up to 178°.

– Versatility in OS Support: The IFP supports Windows and Linux OS, accommodating diverse technological preferences.

– Multimedia Capabilities: Built-in speakers for good audio output, support for 4K animated videos, and interactive maps make it suitable for a variety of educational content.

– Energy Efficiency: The power-saving mode contributes to cost savings in operating expenses.

– User-Friendly Design: With OPS compatibility, the IFP is ready to use in a single plugin without idle time, eliminating the need for external hardware like keyboards and mice.

Transformative Benefits:

1. Modernizing Teaching Methods: The E-Series IFP transforms traditional teaching methods, providing a future-ready interactive digital platform for active engagement and improved academic performance.

2. Efficient Note-Taking: Teaching notes can be saved in PDF, facilitating future reference or distribution to students on medical leave.

3. Eye-Protective Technology: The special eye-protective antiglare coating ensures a clear vision for students with a wide viewing angle.

4. Operational Convenience: OPS compatibility allows for quick deployment and usability without additional hardware.

5. Comprehensive Warranty and Support: IKONNECT offers a 3-year comprehensive warranty and post-sales customer support, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

6. Sustainability: IKONNECT provides a buy-back option for boards at reasonable prices after their service period.

7. Foundation Level Teaching: The E-Series IFP supports foundation-level teaching methods, aligning with CBSE requirements as per the National Education Policy (NEP).

Availability and Support:

IKONNECT’s E-Series IFP is available now, with 400+ service centers across India, providing 24*7 support to users.

“We are proud to have embarked on this journey in 2016, and today, ZEUSSUEZ IK India Private  Limited is a fast growing company  providing A to Z Educational products for schools, Colleges and Universities. And now we are introducing IKONNECT interactive boards with special offers for schools, colleges and universities. All our services will take place within eight  hours because  we have large number of service  centers all over India. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and  stability  has been unwavering.  


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