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Deepfake and AI technology is both a boon and a curse for our society: Columnist Abhishek Gupta

New Delhi (India), December 2: Today’s era is the era of technology. Today humans have assimilated technology. Along with this, computers and mobiles have become an integral part of human life today. Many new technologies including Internet, fiber optical, AI tools are now being used at a very fast pace.

Columnist Abhishek Gupta told that just as anything has a positive aspect, it also has a negative aspect. As much as our facilities have increased due to the miracles of science, our difficulties have also increased to the same extent. The use of technology has increased so much in today’s times that it becomes difficult to live without it even for a moment. We can take the example of mobile phone, if it goes away from us for a few moments, we start feeling a different kind of restlessness.

Today Deepfakes and AI technology remains the most discussed topic. This technology is proving to be more harmful than useful. 

Abhishek Gupta says that today Deepfake videos have become a big problem in our society. Some people find it amusing to put someone else’s face on someone else’s video. But the huge loss to the privacy of those with whom this is done is a matter to think about and in fact it is wrong to make a Deepfakes video of any person. How big this misuse of technology has become can be gauged from the fact that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to express concern about it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that efforts should be made to effectively deal with the challenges arising from Artificial Intelligence and Deepfakes technology. The Prime Minister urged people to create awareness and educate people about the challenges posed by these technologies.

Focusing on the vision of a developed India, the Prime Minister stressed on taking the country forward by connecting it with technology. But emphasis has also been laid on preventing its misuse and dealing with the challenges arising from it.

Abhishek explain that Deepfake is a technique of manipulating video, audio, pictures etc. through which it becomes very difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake video or audio. It is often used for illegal activities like creating fake news, scams, celebrity pornography, election manipulation, social engineering, automated disinformation attacks, identity theft and financial fraud etc.

Using Deepfakes technology, former US President Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many other big personalities have been wrongly publicized. Which is a serious challenge to national security.

Apart from this, Deepfakes video of actresses Rashmika Mandana and Kajol went viral, in which they were seen changing clothes. This video was very objectionable. This is a serious challenge for both the society and the nation.

Deepfake technology also has many advantages like in Entertainment industry, Deepfake technology can be used to create realistic special effects in movies and TV shows. In Education sector Deepfake technology can be used to create more engaging and interactive educational experiences. For example, it could be used to create simulations of historical events or to allow students to interact with virtual characters. & raise awareness of social issues. it could be used to create videos that show the impact of climate change or to give a voice to marginalized groups.

There is no concrete law for Deepfake in India, but Section 66E of the IT Act 2000 provides for punishment for criminal cases related to Deepfakes. In this, capturing, publishing and broadcasting the photograph of a person is a violation of privacy and if a person is found doing so, then under this Act there is a provision of imprisonment up to three years or a fine of up to two lakhs. 

At the same time, there is a provision in Section 66D of the IT Act that if someone uses any communication device or computer for any malicious intention like cheating or impersonating someone, then in such a case, a punishment of up to three years or a fine of one lakh rupees. 

Abhishek said that to avoid these, as technology consumers we should be able to have a good understanding and use of technology. People should be made aware about Deepfakes. Also, new technology should be developed to detect Deepfakes.

Seeing all these incidents, you must have understood that while technology has made human life beautiful, pleasant and comfortable, its misuse has also created a new challenge. If technology is used positively, it proves to be a boon and if used negatively, it proves to be a curse.

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