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Masterpieces in Print: The Definitive List of 10 Books by Renowned Writers You Can’t Miss

New Delhi (India), November 30: In the ever-expanding realm of literature, navigating through the countless options can be a daunting task. As avid readers seek new adventures and perspectives, the quest for exceptional books becomes an exciting journey in itself. To guide you through the literary landscape, we have curated a list of the top 10 books to read by renowned authors. This collection goes beyond the ordinary, combining must-read classics with engaging works by best authors. 

“Telgi: Reporter’s Diary” by Sanjay Singh

This book is already adapted as web series’ SCAM2003: The Telgi Story’ on SonyLIV, but unlike the screen adaptation this fearless book has real name of all the real life characters & much more which could not have been accommodated in web series due to on screen constraints. The book is authored by journalist Sanjay Singh who exposed the Telgi’s fake stamp scam in 2003 which then worth 40,000 crore. It’s about how a hawker Abdul Karim Telgi built & ran his empire with nexus with the police, politicians, and the underworld. In contrary to the web series, this book does not glorify Telgi & his life journey in name of humanisation the scam kingpin but exposes him.

“Kartavya Karm aur Mai” by Dr. Pankaj Karwa

“Kartavya Karm aur Mai” by Dr. Pankaj Karwa delves into the purpose of human existence and the pursuit of a happy and peaceful life while fulfilling one’s duties. Addressing the challenges of a competitive and stressful world, the book explores managing the mind and understanding the reasons behind the increasing prevalence of psychiatry. Drawing wisdom from ancient scriptures like Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta and Samudra Purana, the author presents valuable life lessons in a modern context. Dr. Karwa’s extensive studies and experiences are aimed at transforming lives and fostering positive change. The book is available in both Hindi and English languages. 

“Saindhavbhavan and a Mysterious Accident” by Ranga Sai Komaragiri

Embark on a journey into the heart of an ancient forest where moral boundaries blur, and Saindhavbhavan, a mysterious prison, stands veiled in secrets. In this book by Ranga Sai Komaragiri, a new jailer’s arrival sparks a series of events intertwining the destinies of inmates. As hidden truths emerge, a captivating narrative unfolds, challenging expectations. Author Ranga Sai Komaragiri, an engineering professor turned school teacher, brings his diverse background to storytelling, offering readers a unique and mysterious escape into the realms of imagination.

“Displaced Roots” by Partha Pratim Paul

This book unfolds a heart-wrenching saga of two families torn from their ancestral land during the tumultuous period of the Bangladesh partition. Set against the backdrop of sectarian violence and mass exodus, the narrative follows the protagonists as they navigate the challenges of displacement, seeking life and acceptance in a foreign land. The poignant journey explores themes of endurance, identity, and the indomitable human spirit. Paul intricately weaves a tear-jerking tale of survival, empathy, and the unyielding human will to triumph, leaving readers deeply moved and contemplative long after the last page.

“Time: The Infinite Currency” by Shubham Sharma

Transform your perception of time with ‘Time: The Infinite Currency’ by Shubham Sharma. This groundbreaking book delves deep into the realms of quantum physics, metaphysics, psychology, and philosophy, presenting a rich and accessible exploration of time. Authored by Shubham Sharma, a renowned psychologist and Pursuing a PhD at Chandigarh University, this work challenges and expands your understanding of time. It skillfully combines scientific rigor with practical exercises, guiding you to reshape your relationship with this elusive dimension. As a fusion of scholarship and real-world application, it empowers you to become the master of your own destiny. Embrace this journey to harness time, not just as a concept, but as a tangible force in your life. Are you ready to unlock the infinite possibilities within?

“Mechanism of Transformational Yoga” by Swami Vidyanand

In this book Swami Vidyanand draws inspiration from the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. As a practical master in Hatha Yoga, Prana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Tantra Yoga, Swami Vidyanand is the founder of Transformational Yoga and the Srima School of Transformational Yoga near Auroville Main Road in Puducherry. Additionally, he established Meditation Alliance International, World Yoga Federation, Time Meditation, and Integral Kundalini. ‘My organisation Yoga Alliance International, India first international yoga certification body, have a lifetime certification of 500 yoga centers and life time member of 40000 students.’ – Swami Vidyanand, founder and president of yoga alliance international.

“In Search of the Lambs” by Divyank J.

Dive into “In Search of the Lambs” by Divyank J, a captivating collection of ten short stories set in India, predominantly during the Covid-19 era. Characters within these tales seek love, hope, and peace amidst challenging circumstances. From a soldier reevaluating boundaries to a husband navigating marriage through a dog’s anxiety, each story offers profound insights. Divyank weaves ordinary lives with extraordinary revelations, exploring themes of isolation and loneliness. This literary collection provides thought-provoking narratives that delve into the human condition, challenging assumptions, and posing critical questions. If you crave fiction with depth, uncomfortable truths, and compelling characters, don’t miss this mesmerizing journey.

“1.Leila#,” by P N Naveen Karthikeyan

“1.Leila#,” penned by P N Naveen Karthikeyan, unfolds the journey of a chess grandmaster traversing the globe in search of meaning in life. Love becomes a recurrent theme, intertwining with marriage and chess variations she meticulously studies. From surviving a plane mishap to embracing monastery life, navigating high-fashion catwalks, and teaching at a university, her odyssey is rich with diverse experiences. Interactions with top Grandmasters, a mysterious woman, monks, politicians, and fraudsters shape her narrative. Parallelly, the book delves into the enigmatic Bobby Fischer’s impact on the chess world. Discover if the grandmaster finds true love amidst 64 chess studies in “1.Leila#.”

“Kavya Tulika” by Usha Kiran Moodgal

“Kavya Tulika” by poet Usha Kiran Moodgal is a captivating collection of Hindi poetry, paying homage to the rich legacy of Hindi literature. Through eloquent verses inspired by renowned poets like Nirala, Jayshankar Prasad, Sumitranandan Pant, and Mahadevi Verma, Moodgal weaves a literary journey that honors the timeless classics of Hindi poetry. The collection delves deep into cultural heritage, offering readers a poetic experience enriched with profound themes and philosophical narratives. “Kavya Tulika” stands as a tribute to the stalwarts of Hindi literature, inviting readers into a world where tradition and modernity intertwine, celebrating the enduring power of words.

“Adopting Tomorrow’s Technology” by Manoj Jain

In the swift current of an advancing world, where technology transforms from a mere tool to the mastermind of our destiny, author Manoj Jain invites readers on a riveting exploration. Navigating the terrain of imminent innovations, this guidebook unveils the wonders of AI, augmented reality, sustainable living, and the merging of humanity with technology. Drawing on his experience as an I.T. pioneer, Jain delves into future communication, quantum computing, and AI warfare, urging readers to question, reflect, and embrace an unpredictable future. Join the odyssey to unlock technology’s limitless potential and shape our destiny.

This handpicked selection of the top 10 books is not merely a reading list but a gateway to worlds shaped by the genius of celebrated wordsmiths.

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