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From Passion to Pinnacle: The Inspirational Journey of Seema Khurana

New Delhi (India), November 22: The inspirational journey of Seema Khurana, Whole Time Director of Venus Industries, stands testament to the power of turning one’s creative passion into professional success. Learn how she channeled her innate flair for design to spearhead a leading manufacturer from experimentation to global recognition. Her vision focused on blending heritage and modernity and turned creativity into excellence.

Interview with Mrs. Seema Khurana, Whole Time Director of Venus Industries:

Q1. Mrs. Khurana, you have been associated with Venus Industries for over 25 years now. How has the journey been from when you first joined to where the company stands today?

It has been an incredibly rewarding journey! I was fortunate to be immersed in the world of art and design from a young age which sparked my passion for product creation. Joining Venus allowed me to nurture this passion. From experimenting with materials and techniques to providing creative inputs, I relished the opportunity to elevate our manufacturing excellence. . My father-in-law, company founder Mr. J.K. Khurana instilled strong values and groomed me for leadership. My husband Mr. Vicky Khurana’s trust and encouragement have been a source of motivation always. Over the years, my integral involvement in the design process has enabled Venus to craft collections that resonate with users on an emotional level. Today, as we celebrate our 60th anniversary, I feel proud that our creations are the choice of leading hospitality names across India and overseas. 

Q2. As someone with an innate creative flair, how do you approach product design at Venus? And What are some of your favorite Venus collections that you have designed or contributed creatively to?

For me, design is all about blending aesthetics, functionality and quality craftsmanship. My aim is to infuse artistry into utilitarian products so there is a sense of luxury in everyday use. I analyze global trends but stay rooted in India’s rich cultural heritage for inspiration. The designs showcase a synergy between traditional shapes and contemporary details. Every product must balance visual appeal and practicality while conveying the finesse of metal craft. My hands-on involvement ensures that the final output reflects Venus’ commitment to excellence.

It’s hard to choose since each collection is special! I particularly love our opulent tableware range that evokes a royal era with hand-engraved motifs, colored enameling and 24-carat gold plating on German silver. The detailed wine coolers with copper body and brass serpents are also close to my heart. And of course, our majestic chafer dishes lend grandeur to any buffet spread. Each piece captures India’s rich handicraft legacy yet has a modern global appeal. 

Q4. As one of India’s leading manufacturers, how does Venus balance traditional strengths and contemporary sensibilities? And How do you ensure quality control and consistency during production?

Our USP lies in bringing a taste of Indian splendor to contemporary settings. I constantly research international styles, forms and materials to envision products that blend luxury with functionality. At the same time, our bank of traditional skills like enameling, engraving, and hammering is unparalleled. We harness this expertise to lend uniqueness to every creation. Whether a sleek kettle inspired by Art Deco or an embossed tray with Mughal motifs, we aim for a harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity.

Meticulous attention at each stage is key for consistent quality. Our expert craftsmen are trained to maintain precision despite handling manual processes. We use imported machines for reliability and regularly upgrade. Stringent checks are applied from raw material procurement to finished output. My hands-on involvement on the floor and open channels with workers allow real-time feedback and improvements. Our commitment to excellence drives us to keep raising the bar.

Q6. Venus caters extensively to the hospitality industry. What are some key factors for success in this space?

Understanding client needs is crucial. For instance, durability and maintenance ease are key for restaurants while hotels demand aesthetic sophistication. Our specialized hotelware range blends resilience and visual appeal. We also offer customization and prompt delivery required in hospitality. Above all, we must consistently delight customers with quality and service to build relationships rather than just supply products. Our 60-year lineage of excellence and transparency makes us a trusted partner for hospitality brands.

Q7. How do you envision taking the Venus legacy forward in the coming years? 

I am excited about our growth roadmap! We will continue delivering excellence while expanding our portfolio, clientele and geographic presence. I see huge potential overseas where Indian artistry is admired. For this we have launched the contemporary sub-brand Prebor. Digitalization is another focus area to amplify visibility and explore opportunities like bespoke designs. Core values of ethics, quality and customer dedication will drive everything we undertake in future.

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