Gautam Sarkar: A Visionary Entrepreneur in the Digital Music & Entertainment Industry

New Delhi (India), August 7: In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, the music and entertainment industry has significantly shifted from traditional physical formats to digital platforms. Amidst this dynamic transformation, one name that stands out is Gautam Sarkar, the driving force behind Atlantis Digital, a trailblazer in the digital music industry. […]

Harsha: From Corporate Sessions to Eco-Friendly Campus – A Visionary Leader in ESG and CSR Training

Harsha Saxena, Founder and Managing Director of IICSR Group New Delhi (India),  August 7: Harsha is the Founder of IICSR Group. She conceptualized and developed the institute in 2010. She started by conducting sessions for the corporates to develop an eco-friendly campus in Goa-India. IICSR has trained more than 10,000 corporates […]

Migraine: Pandora’s Box Pen Truth – Unveiling a New Treatment Protocol with Cell Therapy

Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, Founder & Chairman, StemRX Bioscience Migraine, an excruciating neurological disorder affecting millions worldwide, has long been a Pandora’s Box for medical researchers and patients alike. It brings forth a torrent of pain and debilitating symptoms, leaving individuals grappling with its unpredictable nature. Traditional treatments have often fallen […]

Introducing Melker Privilege Cards: Elevating Customer Engagement with Exclusive Benefits & Bespoke Privileges!

Carry the essence of privilege wherever you go with the Melker Impex Card, unlocking a realm of exclusive benefits New Delhi (India), August 7: Melker Finance and Leasing Private Limited, a highly regarded institution renowned for its unparalleled expertise in providing comprehensive financial and leasing solutions, takes immense pleasure in heralding […]

Deepakraj Murarilal Lala – Founder of Deepak Lala and Company; contributing towards the Economic and Social Development of Community and Country

Deepakraj Murarilal Lala – Founder, Deepak Lala and Company New Delhi (India), August 7: Deepakraj Murarilal Lala is a Chartered Accountant and founder of Deepak Lala & Company.  His firm, Deepak Lala & Co., specializes in Accounting, Audit, Taxation, Company Law Matters, trusts, Clubs, NGOs, Society matters, NRI consultancy etc. Their […]

IRF India to Host National Conference & Exhibition on Sustainable Construction Materials: SCM-TSG

New Delhi (India), August 7: The International Road Federation (IRF) – India Chapter is proud to announce the forthcoming National Conference & Exhibition on Sustainable Construction Materials: Trajectory to Sustainable Growth (SCM-TSG), scheduled to take place on November 2nd and 3rd, 2023 (Thursday-Friday). This prestigious event will bring together leading […]

Dubai to Host Region’s Biggest Conference on Bitumen, Petrochemicals, and Petro-Products

Rex Fuels & Solvex Global Conference 2023: Bitumen, Petrochemicals & Petro-Products, 23rd & 24th August 2023, Grand Hyatt, Dubai New Delhi (India), August 7: August 2023 brings together the leading Refineries, Buyers, Traders, Logistics Players, and Consultants for a power-packed two days of stimulating deliberations, business development, and networking on […]

Unleashing Dreams: Meet Captain Preetham Madhukar, The Elite Performance Coach Empowering Individuals and Businesses to Achieve Greatness

Capt. Preetham Madhukar – Founder – Skills Beyond Education New Delhi (India), August 7: In a world filled with dreams and aspirations, it takes a special kind of individual to guide others towards realizing their full potential. Meet Captain Preetham Madhukar, a remarkable individual who has carved a niche for himself […]