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Mr Rajeev Bhadauria: ‘Leading in the 21ST Century in midst of Technology Disruption and Market Turbulence

The art of dealing with Performance and Transformation simultaneously in response to the emerging future.

New Delhi (India), April 14: As a renowned leadership coach, Mr Rajeev Bhadauria has helped numerous leaders to develop the skills, mindset and vision, particularly the one needed to succeed during the current volatile times of the 21st Century in the midst of Exponential Technological Disruption and the resultant Market Turbulence.

 With his extensive experience and practical tools, helping amongst others, to see through the changing patterns of the business reality around continually, he equips & empowers Leaders to lead with purpose, inspire their teams, and achieve their goals in spite and despite the tectonic unpredictability being the rule rather than an exception. His strategically curated formula of performing and transforming simultaneously helps them to get the benefit of their past strengths without getting burdened by it so very relevant in today’s context, where innovation and design thinking need to be incorporated and practised ruthlessly.

One of Mr Bhaduria’s key strategies is developing a clear Future fit Leadership style as much as the one currently effective as much. He works with leaders to identify their strengths and areas for improvement and to create a leadership style that reflects their unique personality, values and goals in alignment with the needs to match the emerging future’s requirements. By leading with authenticity and purpose, leaders can inspire their teams to performance at their best despite the apparent unpredictability of the business environment today. His belief is that in an environment where one cannot predict and, therefore, cannot plan as well, he or she can surely prepare and succeed by creating and working on ‘just in case scenarios.

Another critical factor, especially in such turbulent times, where not only the shelf life of technology is short, but even that of an idea itself, according to Mr Bhadauria, the key to success is developing emotional intelligence and the associated cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, creative disposition as also, complex problem-solving skills so very necessary to deal with the ever-changing reality around.

He works with leaders to develop self-awareness, empathy, and social skills, which are essential for building trust and rapport with team members. By developing emotional intelligence and the other associated skills mentioned above, leaders can create a positive work environment and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation &, that does not look down upon a genuine failure.

Thanks to Mr Bhaduria’s coaching, leaders have achieved remarkable success, especially by incorporating his unique techniques to maintain ‘peak performance’ rather than merely their increased ‘productivity’. This results, amongst others, in imparting higher employee engagement and ultimately a stronger bottom-line result without causing burnout, which is the biggest bane of modern-day organizational reality. After attending his programmes, the Participants learn to enjoy a Seven-Day Weekend while working.!!

If you are looking to lead with purpose, inspire your teams, and achieve your goals in midst of the din and tumult of the current disruptive times, Mr Rajeev Bhadauria is the Speaker/ Mentor /Coach you need.


Team Rohini Mundra

His signature programmes are two:

The ‘21st Century Leadership Algorithm’- adaptive/ agile and audacious- principles from the emerging Uncertainty of the future…!!

‘Leadership perspectives for 21st Century, using insights from Ancient Indian Wisdom’- (primarily from the Prasthan-Traya), which makes one future fit in the midst of Technological disruption and market Turbulence- here, he uses the power of AND between the Eastern and Western principles.

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