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Z Vibes Wellness Clinic Focuses on Increasing its Multi-City Presence to Improve Accessibility to Its Services

New Delhi (India), March 3: Z Vibes Wellness Clinic, a one-of-its-kind maternity services company, aims to impact the lives of more new mothers through its multi-city influence. Its multi-city presence will make its maternal care services accessible to a larger demographic and help more mothers than ever. Moreover, it will assist underprivileged mothers from all around the country to get maternity care in a hassle-free manner. 

Z Vibes Wellness Clinic is founded by Ivy Emmanuel. She is an entrepreneur, childbirth educator, mental health professional, behavioural trainer, and most importantly a mother of a toddler who is on a mission to empower mothers through education and services. Z Vibes Wellness is India’s first comprehensive maternity support and care space. The company brings a host of maternity care products and services under one roof to make the journey to becoming a mother memorable for new mothers. 

Improving the quality of prenatal and postnatal care is essential to ensure the safety of mothers and reduce morbidity in newborns. Motherhood is a long and life-changing journey full of changes in both your physical and mental health. As a result, would-be and new mothers must equip themselves with the right knowledge to go through all the challenges of becoming a mother. Z Vibes Wellness Clinic makes childbirth and childcare education easy to access for new parents. With Z Vibes Wellness Clinic, parents can efficiently arm themselves with the required knowledge of pregnancy nutrition, fitness and many more.

Talking about her company, Ivy Emmanuel shares, “As a mother myself, I am familiar with all the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. It’s a whirlpool journey that can be scary and confusing for new mothers. The existing myths and misconceptions around childbirth further make the entire situation worse. In this scenario, Z Vibes Wellness Clinic aims to make this life-changing journey of motherhood comfortable for mothers with its maternal support and care services. We seek to empower every woman in the country with the right childbirth and childcare knowledge.”

Recently, Z Vibes Wellness Clinic organised Momathon and MOM4MOM’S campaigns. Momathon is a one-of-its-kind initiative that aims to support underprivileged mothers. The first edition of this unique campaign happened on Feb 12th, where over 400 runners came forth to support the cause.

In India, the government has taken various measures in the last few years to improve maternal and newborn survival by promoting institutional deliveries. However, this is not enough for a populous country like India. So, Z Vibes Wellness Centre is dedicated to promoting new parent education in India. Further, it envisions ensuring great support and care for every mother under its one roof.  

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