The Institute of Sports Science & Technology announces admissions for its bachelor’s and master’s courses in sports sciences for the year 2023

Sports Science Programs New Delhi (India), January 25: Institute of Sports Science & Technology, Pune, or ISST as it is widely known, has announced the launch of its flagship B.Sc and M.Sc. in Sports Sciences program for the year 2023. With these degree courses, ISST looks to cater to the globally […]

Satya Santosh, an Indian analyst who predicted the Twitter Saga and many key trends in advance, Confirmed that India won’t face a recession

Satya Santosh predicted several key aspects New Delhi (India), January 25: Satya Santosh, an analyst based in Hyderabad and also a Co-founder at Capital, enjoys working with many businesses. He has gained good prediction skills that have enabled him to predict many key issues, which he has added to his […]

Benefits of B2B Portals in today’s Digital world, ChemIndia connect Launches its product categories

1.    Improved communication and collaboration: ChemIndia Connect B2B portals provide a centralized location for businesses to communicate and collaborate with each other, making it easier to share information and stay on top of important updates. 2.    Streamlined processes: ChemIndia Connect B2B portals can automate many of the processes […]