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The Youth of the “Shaurya Naman” Foundation will follow the duties of a Son to 10 Shaurya families who will be taken to Pilgrimage sites

New Delhi (India), January 11: “Shaurya Naman” Foundation is an Indian organization established by the youth who are engaged in different jobs, businesses, as well as studies, belonging to the families of the Soldiers who have dedicated their lives to the country. Ten Families of such eternal martyrs of the state are to be selected for a devotional visit to – Mathura, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Prayagraj, and so on. 

The founder Mr.Ramesh Chandra Sharma told us that, “It is a dream of every son to make his parents visit a pilgrim site once in a lifetime, but how come the dream will turn into reality if the only son of the parents sacrifices his life on the battlefield for our Nation? To fulfill the wishes of these brave martyrs, the Shaurya Naman team came up with a thought of fulfilling the desires of these soldiers.

For this, every year a devoted and dedicated effort would be taken for sending their parents on a pilgrimage by the team. The foundation is also doing pious work of providing a visit to pilgrimage sites. 

Let us tell you that the “Shaurya Naman Foundation” is dedicated to working for the service and respect for the families of such heroes of our country, who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield.

 Construction of 5 monuments, their maintenance and reconstruction of more than 40 monuments is going on in the last 2 years with about 3000 volunteers from all over the country. Along with health and education, the organization is also doing the pious work of planning devotional visits consistently.

President Mr.Ramesh Chandra Sharma (Sonu) explained the organization’s work and his thinking in such a way that the existence of every “Nation” is related to the passion of its citizens and the Two-Tiers on which the axis of “Patriotism” revolves. These tiers are “Contribution” and “Sacrifice”. Our soldiers and security force personnel are making “sacrifices” every day for the security and integrity of the nation. They sacrifice their lives without thinking about who will take their old parents to the hospital after them, without thinking about their children’s future without them, without thinking about who will be taking care of their families social and economic security.

Right here, related to their “Sacrifice” for the nation, our “Contribution”  is trying to become a helping hand to be essential and expected. This is where we take our initiative and thus our responsibility starts onwards. This responsibility and contribution are not only an Economic call but, It is a National, Social, and Moral responsibility, it is a Retribution. 

This is a “bow” that arises every moment from every fragment of the nation. We salute the soldiers and the security forces ‘jawan’ who laid down their lives for the motherland, for their “bravery”. A feeling, an idea, an effort, and an organization shaped by the realization of the contribution towards the army, the security forces, and the sacrifices of their families.

Shaurya Naman voluntarily works by individuals dedicated to helping the needy widows of these martyred soldiers of the Armed and Parliamentary Forces to settle at a place of their choice, which allows them to live within the economic and geographical periphery of the available medical facilities. It suggests and provides them with the earning meager income options that are essential for survival.

The core objective of “Shaurya Naman” is to ensure that war-wounded personnel become productive citizens by participating in the economic development of the nation. At the same time, they should be able to supplement their pension, including disability pension, social empowerment and skill development of dependents of military personnel are also one of the primary objectives of the organization.

“Shaurya Naman” supports official welfare within the Army and focuses on the welfare of families, children, and widows of all ranks of the Army equally and in particular other armed forces, who lost their lives fighting bravely for the nation. The trust also provides facilities for the education of the martyr’s children, the health of the family, and other basic needs.

“Shaurya Naman” sends small gifts to the families of martyred military personnel on auspicious festivals as a token of love from the nation. “Shaurya Naman” endeavors to facilitate the provision of housing units by promoting housing schemes in almost all the cities across the country as per the requirements of military personnel and their families. The organization is also striving toward the medical welfare of that military personnel who are physically disabled while serving the nation.

Brothers and Sisters; “Shaurya Naman” is an initiative to pay homage to the Brave hearts who put their lives on the front line of duty. “Shaurya Naman” is committed every moment to ensuring the needs and rights of these families with government and social assistance, to create a more secure and sustainable future for the families of our jawans / military personnel who sacrifice their lives or became physically disabled in the service of the Nation.

Every small “contribution” one makes in this feeling, thought, and effort is also appreciated. “Shaurya Naman” is just a medium to convey these sentiments to the families who lost these brave captains by making a supreme sacrifice for the defence of the nation.

This is an initiative by all of us to pay tribute to these Bravehearts who gave more importance to our safety and life rather than caring for their safety and life.

Dear readers, in addition to the above all, the main purpose of “Shaurya Naman” is to underline the necessity of “contribution” about “sacrifice” in society, One has to be aware of the word “contribution”.

If you wish then along with “Shaurya Naman” you can also submit your “Contribution” to the National Defence Fund and pay your sincere tribute, which has been set up by the Government of India to promote National Defence efforts.

Vande Mataram!

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