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Year 2023

TX Hospitals: Redefining Healthcare Excellence in Hyderabad

New Delhi (India), December 30: TX Hospitals, a leading name in the healthcare sector, continues to shape the landscape of medical care with its state-of-the-art facilities, expert medical teams, and patient-centric approach. With a commitment to clinical excellence, transparency, and…

Aspect Group Expands Portfolio with the Launch of Aspect Logistics and Services

Aspect Logistics Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 30: Aspect Group proudly introduces Aspect Logistics and Services, an innovative arm set to redefine industry benchmarks in logistics, construction consultancy, and management services. This strategic addition represents Aspect’s unwavering commitment to providing holistic…

Loyalty, the way forward for QSRs in 2024

India’s largest vegetarian burger brand Jumboking has over 165 stores across Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 30: Loyalty is what keeps the bottom-line healthy. Starbucks has always known it. In 2021, Bank of America acknowledged the power…