BLS International Services Ltd. Crosses $1 Billion Market Cap

The company is now a member of the exclusive club of Indian unicorns. Bengaluru, December 17: BLS International Services Ltd. (BLS)— one of the top three global tech-enabled services provider for governments and citizens—crossed the $1 billion market cap benchmark this week to become the latest unicorn in India. At the […]

SASDAL ROYALEV has launched budget-friendly E Vehicles, “CHOTTU RIDER” & “CHOTTU DELIVERY,” just for Rs. 34,999/-*

New Delhi, December 17: An outstanding producer, supplier, and distributor of battery-operated vehicles, SASDAL ROYALEV has started the order-taking and distribution process for its new generation of cutting-edge vehicles, “CHOTTU RIDER” & “CHOTTU DELIVERY.” The need for eco-friendly vehicles is becoming increasingly urgent as pollution levels rise worldwide. Vehicles powered by […]