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HidocDr. Introduces Its Web App to the Medical Fraternity

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], December 7: Who wants to keep growing, whether professionally or personally, never stops learning. Doctors are no exception. Realizing that it would make life easier for doctors to have updated medical information at their fingertips, HiDocDr. launched a mobile application in December 2017. This application can also be accessed from a computer thus bringing all the required material to one common platform. All you need is to register with your MRN number.

The application has dedicated sections to cater to the various needs of doctors who sign up and accommodates a multitude of specialties. The homepage itself gives an overview of the current trending topics, top medical news, and quizzes, as well as a section for advertisements informing you about the latest offerings in medical products and services that can be of help to you. It also houses a disease database that leads you to all the curated links and information on a particular disease that you might want to research. 

The social section gives you access to all the latest campaigns running on the platform. You can interact with the different advertisements with likes and comments and can also share the ones you find fruitful. One of the biggest advantages of the HiDocDr. platform is the opportunity it gives to doctors all over the world to network among themselves. The application provides doctors with the Cases platform as well, to facilitate networking. Here, doctors can share different cases they are working on, seeking opinions from other doctors with the help of reports, photos, and queries that can be exchanged over a chat-enabled system. 

The application is a great learning tool, bringing you all the required modules in the same place. While the homepage gives you an overview of the trending articles and news, there are separate sections dedicated to them on the application. Here, you will find not only the hot topics or recent news, but an archive of all the medical articles and news that you can use for your research and knowledge-building exercises. The articles are curated from the medical fraternity, and you can look for articles under your specific specialization. From the same application, you can also find a section on all HiDocDr. webinars. You can find the topics relevant to you, register on the same platform, and attend the webinar on it as well. Another very helpful section in the application is the Drugs directory. It gives you the entire overview of all enlisted drugs (registered with your government) along with their type, description, indications, contraindications, etc., making it easy to refer to if you want to dig up more details when prescribing for patients. The drugs are categorized into branded and generic. There is also a separate and extremely informative section where you can look up clinical trials related to cases you may be looking into, along with their current status. It also gives you access to a Learning Series where you can learn about different medical processes to sharpen your knowledge.

The platform also offers you the option to evaluate your learning, and a space to share your opinion. The sections on quizzes and surveys test your knowledge and seek your point of view on various topics respectively. The ‘points’ generated when you successfully submit a quiz or complete a survey add to your profile, helping your rank on the platform. You can redeem these points from your profile. Quizzes are classified under different specializations so that you can keep testing your knowledge accordingly.

The Calculator section gives you access to different medical calculators along with descriptions and formulae, under different clinical criteria. It gives you input space for various variables required to compute different calculations. With the Guidelines section, we bring you all medical guidelines relevant to your country, categorized under different specializations for easy navigation. The Disease Database featured on the homepage also has a more elaborate section dedicated to it. 

To make the navigation experience even easier, the application also has a global search option that enlists all search results, be it articles from HiDocDr. or around the web, videos, blogs, and other information listed against any medical term you search on the platform. Powered by AI, the application makes your research and learning easier and more effective by showing you the information that is relevant to you. This reduces the time you spend on searching, optimizing the time you spend on the application.

Launched in line with the organization’s vision of building, operating, and enhancing a best-in-class healthcare platform for doctors and patients, the reach of the application has spread to over 170 countries, connecting more than 10,65,322 doctors across the globe in just five years. Covering 40+ Specializations and Super Specializations, the platform attracts around 8 million sessions per month.

HiDocDr. aims to bring information to doctors in the easiest way possible to enable them to keep learning and stay updated, despite their hectic schedules.

Register at or download the app today! 

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