HBW News announces winners of Global Achievers Awards 2022

December 7: Every year, several people from different industries significantly contribute to the economic and social development. Some are recognized as individuals, while some brands make it to the top with their team’s hard work. To honor such people and brands, HBW News organised the Global Achievers Award 2022. HBW […]

The husband-and-wife duo built a complete health solution to fight micronutrient deficiency in India

The award-winning dietician and fitness enthusiast duo Dr. Rekha and Saurabh Kolkata, India, December 06: The award-winning dietician and fitness enthusiast duo of Dr. Rekha and Saurabh have started an innovative health solution called InstaEats, India’s first natural micronutrient snack for daily nutrition and wellness. The foundation of InstaEats was laid […]

Nimit Akhawat: Little Leonardo

New Delhi, December 07: Soaring ambitions and unending inquisitiveness are two defining characteristics of Bengaluru-based Nimit Akhawat, who is on a continuous hunt to refine the purpose of being in life. Born in 2011 to Prashant Akhawat and Shalini Akhawat, Nimit is a Greenwood High International School, Sarjapur, Bengaluru student. […]

Mr. Raghunath Yemul invites the government, investors to support new policies – Educational Term Insurance Policy (ETI), Food Insurance Policy

Mr. Akshay Salve, Mr. Vinit Pardeshi, Mr. Raghunath Yemul, Padma Vibhushan Dr Vijay Bhatkar Kolkata, West Bengal India, December 07: Divyang Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, an organization that has been working on various schemes launched under the guidance of Mr. Raghunath Yemul, is creating opportunities for the disabled and weaker sections of […]

Fuel Save Pro Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

December 7: One of the main causes of why most individuals don’t even perceive the necessity to possess a vehicle is a fuel shortage. On the other side, vehicle owners find it very challenging to deal with the expensive prices of gas and fuel at this time, making it tough […]

VCare Just Announced A Major Breakthrough

Woman Behind The Breakthrough New Delhi (India), December 7: VCare, the trusted hair and skin clinic of South India, has just announced the major breakthrough of launching its 50th Skin and hair clinic. What began as a beauty clinic in Pondicherry in the year 1997, from there, they expanded to […]