Riya Sammi: Painting the Canvas of Her Future

New Delhi, December 03: Riya Sammi: Painting the Canvas of Her Future Riya Sammi is a gifted child. At the tender age of just 2 years, she had learned to hold her pencil correctly and used to draw doodles on walls, the floor or paper. Little did her mother know […]

Krishnarghya Pramanik: The Little Genius

New Delhi, December 03: Born in Durgapur, West Bengal, to parents Santosh Pramanik and Sinchita Pramanik, Krishnarghya is undoubtedly a genius. Currently seven years old, Krishnarghya showed signs of intelligence and the willingness to learn at a very early age. At the age of six months, he was given two choices […]

GigaCars catalogs over 2000+ cars in 3D by partnering with HelloAR

GigaCars has seen tremendous results in terms of increased sales and a better overall brand experience by using 3D technology New Delhi (India), December 3: GigaCars, the country’s first park-and-sell marketplace, has partnered with HelloAR to give used-car buyers an immersive experience by using augmented reality (AR) technology. With this technology, buyers […]