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Yogi Priyavrat Animesh’s Himalayan Retreat with Ooj members

November 07: Yogi Priyavrat Animesh organised a special retreat at KaliMath with the youth, which focused on spiritual quest and questions of existence.

Yogi ji traversed with the group of ten from Delhi to KaliMath through Rishikesh before the team reached the “Siddhh Sthan” on the 1st Nov. 

The team had college youth and trekking enthusiasts who also were avid explorers from Delhi and Haryana. 

Yogi ji took the questions from and curious queries of the team. Physics student Rozera enquired “What is the purpose of our existence when in the end we all turn to the same dust we came from? Students/ group further enquired the meaning of Ooj and what the foundation aimed at from a spiritual point of view.

Yogi ji response to the questions were centered around purpose of making a difference through the concept of channelizing one’s own energy and putting it to good use.

He elaborated that the word “Ooj” signified the energy an individual possessed and how this energy was at par with the light and energy bestowed upon by the sun. The sun solely is the bestower of life and light and represents the totality of the cosmos. Without the radiance of the sun, all is lifeless. The universal connection of light with enlightenment gives hope even on the darkest days. With its unblinking, all-seeing eye, the sun becomes the guarantor of justice even when the whole universe seems to be against us. 

Yogi Priyavrat Animesh ji explained how his philosophy revolved around the same. That although we can never shine as brightly as the sun, we can always strive to reflect its light just like the moon and provide the people around us with some positivity to do good in their lives. With this radiance, we can clear the confusion or fog in our minds, just like the sun. 

The youth also had questions on importance of thoughts. To this Yogi Priyavrat said that for a common person, life appears formidable where many ups and downs become part of one’s memory. Some thoughts stay in our short term memory, other shape up our other emotional and psycho-somatic behaviour. We often do not think deeply. Behind every event of life lies a wonderful causal tradition. ON thinking, even the smallest of incident changes the life; on the other hand if not considered, even the biggest events may not bring about any change in a person’s life. A sinner could became aware through a preaching sentence of a Mahatama , while others may read the same sentence many times and still remain unaffected by it. The same thing attracts one towards enjoyment and other towards renunciation. It clearly indicates that the power is not in events but in the thoughts. The basic formula or sutra is to develop the ideas and adopt them by enquiring what and how-becoming “Thinkers”.

For information of readers, Yogi Priyavrat Animesh ji implements these virtues in the practitioners through various channelization techniques like meditation, rituals, chanting, asanas, and much more. He believes that through self-discipline, even the higher goals in life can be achieved and his philosophy and ways of life are open to anyone who is facing a time of crisis and wants to be better in life.

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