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Day August 18, 2022

Citywalk welcomes its patrons to the freshly inaugurated Bandra store

Iconic Mumbai Store ‘Citywalk’ Reopens With New and Attractive Collections Of Footwear Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 18: “Citywalk’ manufactures their own premium collection of footwear and accessories like belts & wallets under their own brand known as ‘Bond Street’. The…

Flomic Global Logistics Ltd Announces ESOP for its employees

August 18: India’s leading logistics service provider Flomic Global Logistics wants its employees to be their growth partners to instil a sense of ownership and incentivize them. The logistics solution provider has decided to offer ESOPs to its employees. With a service-centred approach, the employees form…

IPS Academy, IBMR Indore gets an A++ grade by NAAC

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], August 18: Once again, in the field of Higher Education, Madhya Pradesh has outshined in the Nation. IPS Academy, Institute of Business Management and Research, Indore, is now on the list of the country’s elite colleges…