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Day July 22, 2022

ModAir leased the first Aircraft to FTO through GIFT CITY

Mumbai, July 22: ModAir, an entity registered in GIFT City, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, as an aircraft leasing company, leased out its first aircraft, which is an Italian trainer twin engine Aircraft (Tecnam), to a flight training academy in Jalgaon, Maharashtra…

Dabur launches “Dabur Himalayan Shilajit” this Prime Day!

New Delhi, July 22: India’s leading science-based Ayurveda Company, Dabur India Ltd, today announced the extension of its Most Trusted Healthcare/ Energiser brand Dabur Shilajit with the launch of ‘Dabur Himalayan Shilajit’ during Prime Day on, a natural health…

Top 10 Recharge; Bill Payment Websites in India

July 22: There was a time when people used to visit recharge shops to recharge their mobile numbers. At that time, people take a good amount of time from their busy schedule to visit their nearest recharge shops 2-3 days before…