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Day July 16, 2022

WatchMall: Why People Buy First Copy Watches in India

July 16: Whether they wear watches or not, the majority of people frequently ponder what it’s like to wear a fine watch. Wristwatches make the best keepsakes, whether they were given as a welcome home gift, on your first day of…

Top 10 Rising NGOs in 2021-22 announced by Fame Finders

New Delhi (India), July 16: NGOs work their best to uplift the deprived sections of society. These Non-governmental bodies strive hard to improve the conditions of victims by assessing their needs.  By being a potent mediator that conveys the issues…

ENVI announces closure of its Seed round

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], July 16: Bengaluru-based electric sustainable energy taxi service, ENVI (Malbork Technologies) founded in 2018 by N Sanjeev Kumar raised its seed round from Bestvantage investments and marquee investors. Envi, is an environmentally friendly electric vehicle and the…